Review Dermaflash

Dermaflash is inspired by derma planning.Dermaplanning is available in medical spas and doctor’s offices where professionals remove dead facial skin, debris and facial hairs from face using derma planning method.Dermaflash is at home device used to exfoliate or remove peach fuzz from face.It gives youth looking glowing skin.Dermaflash is safe to use.Dermaflash is made specifically for women.Dermaflash removes debris very well.It uses sonic vibrations.It is painless.It does not hurt.It gives immediate results.It is suitable for all skin types.It is suggested to use Dermaflash downwards.
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Do not go to same area more than one while using Dermaflash.After using Dermaflash, all skin care products penetrate deeper into skin.Dermaflash is designed for sensitive skin with build in safety feature.Sonic vibration ams up micro-circulation and helps bring build up debris, dead skin cells and peach fuzz directly into skin surface and gives glowing skin.


My first experience with Dermaflash:

I had peach fuzz on my face and I was always used to remove upper lips hairs with thread or facial epilator.I never removed facial peach fuzz from other parts of face because all hair removal methods like epilating, threading and waxing are very painful.I was used to bleach my facial hairs.Last night when I used Dermaflash It gave me very smooth skin.It removed all debris and it exfoliated my facial skin very well.It removed all facial hairs without any pain.It gave me baby soft skin.After using Dermaflash when I followed I skincare routine, I realized that my all skincare products penetrate more deeper into my skin.i use my Ultrasonic massager daily when I apply my skincare products.My ultrasonic massager helps my skincare products to penetrate deeper into my skin.As Dermaflash removed my facial hairs and dead skin very well so my skin care products penetrated more deeper into my skin.Next day when I applied make up, I realized that make up stayed better than before and my skin was glowing.Make up’s application was very smooth.

How Dermaflash is different from facial razor and Microdermabrasion:

With facial razor you can remove only facial hairs and sometimes facial razors are very harsh on skin.I tried facial razor twice and did not like because razor was harsh on my skin.Dermaflash’s edge is very smooth.Dermaflash method is painless.Dermaflash exfoliates skin and removes debris of dead skin while removing peach fuzz.Facial razors do not exfoliate skin like Dermaflash.Microdermabrasion only removes dead skin and exfoliates.It do not remove facial hairs.Dermaflash removes facial hairs and exfoliates skin at same time.



Review Michael Todd Soniclear Elite Deluxe

Michael Todd Soniclear Elite Deluxe:

Soniclear  elite is world’s first built in antimicrobial sonic cleansing system.Both face and body brushes are antimicrobial.It is available in 8 colors.Available colors are: Lavender lust, hippie chic, mint dream, cotton candy, island girl, candy apple, red and white, berry blue.

Soniclear brush cleans makeup, dirt and oil 6 times better than manual cleansing.Soniclear elite is waterproof and cordless.It is recharegable.Soniclear has 6 speeds.Soniclear has build in timer which reminds you to move to next cleansing area.Best thing is that you have to replace brush heads after every 6 months because it is antimicrobial so brushes stay clearer for long time.Antimicrobial technology prevents growth of bacteria in brush heads.

Soniclear elite deluxe comes with 5 years limited warranty.
Soniclear elite deluxe set includes:

Soniclear elite device with C-Boost technology.
* Charging cradle and power adapter.
* Antimicrobial face brush
* Antimicrobial body brush.
* Pedi head.
* Extension handle.
* Shower caddy.
* Travel case.

Soniclear Elite has 60 minutes battery life.Soniclear elite has non slip grip.C-Boost button adds massage while cleansing.It is very important to wash Soniclear brush heads with warm soapy water before and after using soniclear.Always dry brush heads with clean towel after using.Facial brush head is very soft and gentle.You can use it twice a day.It is suitable for all skin types.

How I use Soniclear:

I clean Soniclear with warm soapy water and then put my cleanser on brush head.I damp my face and then  apply my cleanser on my face and start using soniclear elite with face brush on my face.I use body brush  head on my body.I use pedi head on my dry feet to remove callus.

My honest review:

I was using Clarisonic Profile regularly before using Soniclear Elite.Last week I  was watching Soniclear Elite’s video.When I came to know that Soniclear brush heads are antimicrobial, I decided to try Soniclear.I searched online.I preferred to get Soniclear elite because it is world’s first antimicribial brush..Antimicrobial means less bacteria on brush head and more cleaner face and body.I contacted Michael Todd and received soniclear elite with discount from company.I purchased soniclear elite  red and white color because my all beauty devices in white color so I preferred to get Soniclear elite in red and white color.Soniclear elite arrived very quicky.Now I use soniclear face brush night time and body brush head when I take bath.I use my clarionic profile morning time with face brush head but I don’t use clarisonic with body brush head now.I like soniclear so much.Soniclear elite with body brush head exfoliates my body were well.Best part is that sonicare elite comes with extension handle.Now I can easily clean hard to reach areas of my body.Now my body skin is very soft as compared to before after using soniclear body brush head.It is very easy to attach face brush head, body brush head and pedi head.I purchased Luxe brus head for soniclear elite too which I don’t use to wash my face.I use that sometimes to give my self facial massage after applying my massage cream.I am vey happy that this brush did not fell in shower because it has rubbergrips on both sides.I am very impressed with C-Boost function very much.C-Boost mode stimulates collagen.When you turn C-Boost mode for face on high speed bottom red light blinks, when you select medium speed then top red light blinks and when you select low speed both red lights blinks.I like this feature very much.With this feature, it is easy to know which speed is used.C-Boost on low speed provides gentle cleansing, C-Boost on medium speed provides normal sonic cleansing and C-Boost on high speed provides maximum sonic cleansing.This brush do not collects make up in brush head which is very good.Soniclear elite’s battery back up is very good.I use this for face and body daily and charge it after 4 days.It is very important for electric devices to have good battery life.Soniclear  elite is perfect device for head to toe skincare.I use pedi head every day.Now my feet are very smooth.No more cracked heels.I don’t use my clarisonic pedi smoothing disc with my clarisonic profile because it don’t remove callus very well.I tried my clarisonic pedi smoothing disc only twice and I was not happy with the results.I was using Emjoi  micro-pedi for my foot three times a week but now I will use Emoji micro pedi once a week only and use soniclear elite pedi head daily.I had bad tanning on my arms and I tried everything to remove tanning but nothing woreked.After using Soniclear Elite with body brush head tanning on my arms is removed completely.I am very happy with results.I recommended Soniclear  to my so many friends and I purchased one more Soniclear elite and gave it to my friend on her birthday.She liked this brush so much.She was using other drugstore brush before that.Now she threw her other brush in garbage.As I have clarisonic mia 2 and clarisonic profile and I purchased Soniclear elite too but i don’t regret purchasing this.I am very happy with my this purchase.Soniclear Elite is must have item added to my skincare routine.

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Review Glamglow Thirstycleanse

Glamglow Thirstycleanse:

Glamglow thirsty cleanse is a mud to foam hydrating cleanser for dry and dehydrated skin.It is  formulated with brazilian clay, green coconut water,  olive milk, plumeria flower.This is cleanser is parabens, sulphate, phthalates free.Glamglow thirsty cleanse is very hydrating.My skin is extremely dry.It hydrates my skin very well.I use this cleanser never dries out my skin.Now I am using third bottle of Glamglow thirsty cleanser.I finished two bottles already.I will definitely purchase this cleanser again in future.I tried so many facial cleansers before and every cleanser dries me out.Glamglow thirsty cleanser is the first cleanser which never dries me out.Now my skin stays hydrated and plumped all the time.I am using this cleanser from last 6 months.

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My Weekend Winter Skincare routine

My skins feels  extremely dry all the time.My nose area and around nose area is more dry than other parts of my face.Some make up removers and normal face washes dryes my face very quickly.

Step 1:

I damp my skin and apply Glamglow Thirstycleanse mud to foam cleanser on my face and gently massage with my hands first then I use my Clarisonic Smart Profile.This cleanser is perfect for dry skin.This cleanser is very hydrating.My skin is extremely dry.

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Step 2:

I apply Glamglow youthmud tingle exfoliate treatment masque on my face and leave it on for 15 minutes and then gently scrub it and was off with warm wash cloth.It exfoliates my skin very well and takes out all impurities.It leaves my skin super soft.

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Glamglow Youthmud



Step 3:

I use Glamglow Pouted Fizzy Lip Exfoliating treatment to exfoliate my lips.It is very important to exfoliate lips.



Step 4:

I apply fresh rose face mask on my face and leave it on for 15 minutes and then gently wipe off  with warm wash cloth.It hydrates and tones skin.This mask is very hydrating and it is perfect for dry skin.

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Fresh Rose Face mask

Step 5:

I apply Glamglow Brightmud Eye treatment under my eyed and leave it on for 3 minutes and then wash it off with warm washcloth.

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Glamglow Brightmud

Step 6:

I apply ZGY- Pink Collagen Crystal Lip mask and leave it on my lips for 15 minutes.It hydrates my lips very well.

Step 7:

I put L’oreal hydrafresh toner on cotton pad and apply on my face to tone my face to balance the ph level of my skin.

Step 8:

I use Ole Henriksen Truth Serum.This is very hydrating and perfect for anti aging.Serums are very important.Serums penetrate in skin very easily.




Step 9:

I apply Perricone MD Acyl-Glutathione eyelid serum under my eyes and on my eyelid and massage with my ring finger.

Step 10:

I apply Orgins Plantscription Anti-Aging cream under my eyes and massage with my ring finger.

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Step 11:

I apply vaseline on my lips to moisturize.It is very important to moisturize lips.